The Theory Of Cellular Therapy

As we age, our cells’ reproduction and regeneration ability decreases. This decrease causes our organ’s efficiency to decline too, resulting in ageing. In short, it’s a vicious cycle. Cell therapy originated in the nineteenth century in which living cellular material is directly introduced into the body. By doing this, the rate of the ageing process can be reduced and cells will be rejuvenated.

100% Naturally Bred Materials

Made with 100% medically-controlled fresh placenta, ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus stimulates cellular growth to keep your health and skin young even with time.

Researched, Developed and Tested

To restore youth’s inertia and allow you to emit vigour from within, we adopt high technology in researching, testing, developing and manufacturing an optimal tool to dramatically slow down your ageing process.

Feel 25 Years Old Again

Rejuvenating cells results in lesser diseases and slower ageing, and produces more energy and vitality. Which means you can feel 25 once again.

One capsule a day, keeps the ageing process away.

The Powerful Ingredients

30,000 mg of fresh sheep placenta (50:1)

300 mg of active cellular materials concentrated from 30,000 mg of fresh placenta (50:1)

Shark Liver Oil

Boosts immunity, fight infections and promote wound healing

Grape Seed Oil

A powerful antioxidant 50 times stronger than vitamin C or E

Transfer Factor

Speeds up immune system’s reaction against infections

Growth Factors

Possesses strong regenerative effect to revitalise aged cells

Interluekin 1

Protect cells and health against infections and invasive diseases

ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus achieves anti-ageing by activating complete rejuvenation of the bodily systems, enabling you to live a quality life.

1 - 2 weeks
  • Cells are repaired and rejuvenated
  • Immunity increases
  • Sleep quality improves
1 - 2 months
  • Skin becomes tighter, finer, fair and supple
  • Blood circulation increases, you look fresh and alert
  • Risk of disease is reduced, body becomes healthier
  • Cholesterol and blood lipids levels are lowered, energy increases
  • Antioxidants levels increase, you feel revitalised
Long-term Use
  • Wrinkles are smoothened, facial pigmentation lightens and skin elasticity improves
  • Ageing is delayed, and cells, tissue and organs are constantly regenerated
  • Excellent alertness and focus
  • Optimum health and mobile joints
  • Increased stamina and marital happiness
  • Internal secretion is regulated and normal weight maintained
  • Postmenopausal symptoms are alleviated, breasts become firmer and lifted

Stand Firm In The Face Of Ageing & Diseases

Give your skin and health a second chance

  • Fresh sheep placenta derived from medically-controlled sheep for maximum effect in defeating ageing and illnesses
  • Packed with health-enhancing nutritional substances to address ageing and weakened cells
  • Contains zero harmful chemicals that could cause damage to you and the environment
  • Extracted with care to keep nutrients fully intact
  • Each capsule is enteric-coated so your body can fully absorb every trace of nutrients

What we strive for, is not only to give more years to life, but to give more life to years.

Regain control of your health, your youth, and your life. Take action as soon as you can!