Q: What is Ruyi’s ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg?

A: Ruyi’s ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg is a supplement which contains 30,000mg of fresh sheep placenta and essential rich growth factors. It is a unique Cellular Therapy formulation from New Zealand, Switzerland and USA.

Q: What are growth factors?

A: Growth factors are naturally occurring molecules that are necessary for the cell regeneration process, particularly in the rejuvenation of organs and glands. Insufficient growth factors present will impair communication between cells causing a severe decrease in cell regeneration which results in rapid aging.

Q: Where does the ZELL-V Placenta cell extract come from?

A: ZELL-V Placenta cells extract comes from sheep placenta. The sheep are specially bred under the expertise of medical professionals and scientists.

Q: What is cellular therapy?

A: Cellular therapy is a method which utilises exogenous cellular material to rejuvenate and revitalize old and weakened cells of the body.

Q: Are these sheep cells compatible with the human body?

A: Yes, sheep cells are compatible and easily accepted by human cells without any rejection. Furthermore, there has been no known sheep diseases that has been passed on to human.

Q: How do the ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg capsules effectively transport these active cells into the body?

A: ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg capsules are enteric-coated to bypass the stomach’s gastric acid which can harm the active cells. The capsule will then dissolve in the small intestine releasing the active cells where they are fully absorbed into the body.

Q: Who should take the ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg?

A: Anybody, regardless of age who wants to improve the quality of their physical life, is experiencing premature ageing, has lost the sparkle of life, or feels tired and lethargic all the time, should take ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg.

Q: Will ageing recur after quitting ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg?

A: Yes, cells have a lifespan. They will degenerate with age. Coupled with our polluted environment and stress, rapid ageing will definitely occur. Therefore, we encourage continuous consumption to maintain youthfulness.

Q: What makes ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg superior to other cell therapy supplements?

A: With the latest hi-tech extract method, ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg encapsulates 300 mg of concentrated active cells from 30,000mg of fresh sheep placenta (50:1). With this made possible, ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg comes with rich growth factors that are important for the cell regeneration process.

Q: Are there any possible side effects with the ZELL-V Sheep Placenta cellular therapy?

A: Over 70 years, there has never been a single reported case of side effects of any kind with cellular therapy. It has been documented in more than 50,000 medical articles worldwide as fully beneficial and effective. This product has gone through stringent tests and approval before being marketed.

Q: Is ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg beneficial to those who are experiencing menopausal symptoms?

A: Menopause causes a decline in vitality and beauty due to degeneration of organs and ageing skin in women. Consuming ZÉLL-V will be beneficial as it will improve the function of the organs responsible for maintaining youth and beauty.

Q: How are these substances administered? When can we see any results after consuming ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg?

A: One to two softgels are to be taken orally per day. In about a week to three weeks, the individual will experience an increase in vigour, stamina and overall wellness but best of all, the skin improves, decreasing wrinkles, fine lines and dryness.

Q: Can I take ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg with any other nutritional supplements?

A: Absolutely, ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg is a 100% natural biological supplement without drugs of any kind. It is totally safe and natural.

Q: Has ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg earned any quality and safety credentials?

A: Yes. ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg is manufactured under stringent quality control.