ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg
Bio-active Sheep Placenta Capsule

Feel the difference with cell activation

Through high technology processing, the newly formulated ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg stabilises the bio-active minerals and ingredients in the enteric-coated capsule ensuring full absorption of nutrients within 6 minutes to reset your health’s performance.

Full body cell activation

Just one new and enhanced ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg capsule is all your body needs for cell activation throughout 24 hours, so you can stay alert all day with ease and convenience.

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Who should take ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus?

Improving health, vitality, youthfulness and quality of life. Whatever your purpose is, ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus is perfect for people across all ages. Individuals who:
  • are looking to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and facial pigmentation
  • are in their 20s and starting their anti-ageing care
  • desire firmer and more even-toned skin
  • wants to increase vigour and vitality
  • lack stamina and energy level
  • would want to improve their sleep patterns
  • wish to stabilise weight to a normal level
  • are experiencing premenstrual tension & feminine problems
  • are often sick and prone to illnesses
  • are young ladies wishing to enhance their bustline
  • want to maintain a healthy heart

Greet HELLO to brand new skin and revived youth

With 30,000mg of fresh sheep placenta extract, your cells will be pushed to faster repairment and your skin will be glowing with youth when you least notice it. ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus is manufactured under stringent safety and quality assurance regulations and constant supervision by the Health Authorities and has therefore earned many prestigious credentials. Each ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus capsule is an intense boost of anti-aging nutrient that contains bioactive placenta proteins, Epidermal Growth Factors and Cytokines to help defend your skin against aging.
Tens of thousands of people around the world have benefited from ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus, including celebrities and dignitaries. Here is what our customers say about us: