What is Cellular Therapy

Cells are weakened and the production of cells is not as favourable as before when our body are struck with ageing and illnesses. The body lacks the ability to heal itself as quickly. Cellular Therapy introduces large amount of active cells into the body to stimulate the healing power of cells for regeneration to achieve optimal function of our bodily systems.

Free radicals and ageing cells

Highly reactive atoms, molecules or ions with unpaired electrons which formed in the body when weak cells split or when the body is affected by environmental factors, are called free radicals. They scavenge the body for nearby compounds to start a chain reaction for stability. This action damages important cellular component such as DNA, or the cell membrane. Free radical damage accumulates with age, and oxidative stress occurs when the body loses its performance in fighting against free radicals. Specifically formulated to address free radical damages, ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg build up the body’s defence system for healthier and fresher skin.

The Truth of Ageing

Human’s body cells are constantly degenerating and replaced by new ones during cell division process. As people advance in age, cells reduce resiliency after they undergo deterioration. Therefore, when cell death outpaces cell production, human beings experience the natural process of ageing.

What causes premature ageing

Fine lines, dark spots, dryness, lack of radiance - age-markers can give away your biological age. Cells slow down with our age. With the cataract of cell deterioration, unhealthy lifestyle, genetically influences and free radicals, our ageing process begins to fast-forward. Cellular regeneration is widely associated with the proper operation of the body. As we age, our body becomes more susceptible to diseases and infections. Cell deterioration decreases in epidermal cellular layers and cell renewal process is delayed. Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, overworking, improper diet, stress, climatic changes, lack of physical exercises etc. are all examples of unhealthy lifestyle habits. These activities strain the body’s metabolic control of bad materials and burden cells for restoration due to insufficient nutrients in the body.

How ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg combats ageing & diseases

Give your skin and health a second chance with the nourishing oral supplement

Inspired by more than centuries of research in Cellular Therapy, our specialists formulated and developed the most advanced form of health supplement with a comprehensive nutritional profile to replenish nutrients into your cells so you can stand firm against ageing and diseases.

  • Fresh sheep placenta derived from medically-controlled sheep for maximum effect in defending ageing and illnesses
  • Packed with health-enhancing nutritional substances to address ageng and weakened cells
  • Contains zero harmful chemicals that could cause damage to you and the environment
  • Extracted with care to keep nutrients fully intact
  • Each capsule is enteric-coated so your body can fully absorb every trace of nutrients