Why sheep placenta

Through years of scientific studies, it is shown that proteins in sheep triggers no immune reactions and are particularly compatible with the human body. Sheep has been identified as the mammal with the strongest immune system. Thus, placenta cells obtained from the sheep also possess similar resilience and vitality.

Scientifically-bred sheeps for the healthiest cells

In order to extract the freshest and healthiest cells, sheep are properly bred using the “Close Colony” breeding method in a medically controlled environment, complete with specific food and hygiene. Artificially controlled living conditions eliminates any harmful and negative factors to their health.

Reinforcing biologically active cells with 15 years of extensive research

Fully researched, developed and manufactured in New Zealand, ZÉLL-V hi-tech capsules use a unique extraction method to conserve biological substances and essential growth factors. Without damaging the efficiency of valuable cells culture, ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg strengthen your skin’s defense properties against external factors that leads to aging.

Ensuring full absorption of nutrients with enteric-coated capsules

ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus 30,000mg powerful measure for full nutrient absorption means active cellular ingredients will not be destructed by stomach acids. Enteric-coated to bypass stomach acids, the capsule will travel to your small intestine and where it is fully absorbed by the body to reset your health’s performance.